What Makes a Good Stone Floor?

Stone floors have been around for thousands of years and with good reason too. They are natural, beautiful, and just feel very cool underfoot. Stone tiles are also very unique, and you can make a great number of patterns and shapes out of the various tiles that you are given to buy.

Some are cheap and some are expensive, and all stone types have pros and cons. So which stone material is right for you and your home? If you want to pick the best stone flooring oregon has to offer, then read on!

Marble is one of the first things people think off when it comes to beauty and elegance within a stone floor. It’s clean, classic, and can really bring a sense of wealth to a room. It is however, slippery when it is wet, so if you plan on having a marble bathroom, then be sure to bring towels!

Slate is another choice because it is quite easy to cut and play with to get the desired tile thickness you want. If you don’t want the easily cut slate to flake, then you need to spend some extra cash to have the material honed.

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If you are looking for durability over fashion, then granite floors are worth every penny. Since they are extremely hard and durable, you won’t have to worry about the floor being scuffed or cracked with everyday use.

The type of floor you eventually choose for your home will depend not just on your price, but also on your lifestyle. So, if you live in a house where you work in most rooms, then granite might be an option if furniture is being moved around. Whereas Marble is a good choice for elegance and rooms that don’t see a lot of heavy foot traffic.